We are creative.


a summary or account of a person’s qualities and achievements

We strive to further both the character of the industry in this community as well as personally by taking on clients that we believe in, trust their products, and strive to better themselves through any and all interactions.

Sometimes we’re linear thinkers, forging a direct path between point A & B.


concentrated direction of the mind, especially to a problem or task

Our attention to the needs of our clients and our unfailing attention to detail allows us to provide the most comprehensive and fitted solutions to any problem.

Other times we’re broken field runners, taking the audience on the scenic, uniquely memorable route.


a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object or concept

We love what we do.

Either way, we deliver the destination, distilling even the most complex client marketing messages into elegant outcomes.


We strive to support our community through our craft.
Let us show you how.

Or put another way; left brain. Right brain. We maintain residence in both neighborhoods.

“Beyond their ability to demonstrate raw talent and great creative depth, Studio Holladay is fearless in their work. That kind of courage is hard to find these days, but when you do, it results in powerful work that actually has the potential to affect culture.”

— Darrin Caddes,
VP Marketing for Plantronics


Ted Holladay