TYPE 02: Type on the Web

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TYPE 02: Type on the Web
Web design is evolving every day. I remember when as a designer, I had to promote the use of the very limiting and not very attractive set of typefaces that were available as “webfonts”.


Despite their lack of flexibility on the screen, that has all changed. Google wasn’t the first to do it, but I commend them either way for providing an extensive list of typefaces that are opensource or donated by the designers for use on the web. Google also provides customization of the font sets to use and the code to implement them. Technically, you don’t even have to download the faces themselves to use them online.

There are a number of services out there that are taking advantage of this vastly expanding change online, some charge for a preset selection of typefaces, some offer them freely and I’ve even seen one that allows you to upload your own and will provide you the code for its implementation.

For now, I’m pretty happy with the faces Google provides. There are enough to not get bored with too quickly, but by the inevitable time I do, I’m sure there will be more options out there to explore.

As exciting as this is to a type nerd as I am, as much so—if not even more so—exciting is what I just stumbled upon: http://webtypography.net/toc/. This site is attempting to transcribe Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style into Web-speak; more accurately, css. I will be poring over these pages learning how to even more geek up my website with accurate word-spacing and kerning. Bwa ha ha!

Check out this typographically (and often photographically) inspiring website: www.grainandgram.com

Leave us more if you have them, we always love checking others’ work out.