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I represented Studio Holladay at the first ever TechRaising event and it was a blast. Not only did we have around 80 creative and business-minded people attending, over 30 projects were pitched and around a third of those were picked by teams.

The whole idea behind TechRaising is powered by the entrepreneurial minds of Santa Cruz and anyone who attends and has the power to produce the seed to any number of start-ups.

The project that I chose to participate in as a designer was proposed by Teresa Landers and Janis O’Driscoll of the Santa Cruz County Public Library System (SCPL) who we are also working with to establish completely new branding for the organization. The essence of the idea is this: to expand the embrace of the library so that it encompasses the entire community and in essence include the community As the library. We decided to implement QR code technology to “bookmark” locations and buildings around Santa Cruz that have extensive history with plaques. Upon scanning the afore-mentioned unique QR code with his/her smartphone, the fortunate local/pedestrian/tourist would then be linked immediately with the already existing (but difficult to navigate) library databases.

The project is called SCPL Bookmarks, and though it’s not a completely original idea, it is new for Santa Cruz and will make local history and possibly many other forms of local information immediately accessible to anyone with a smartphone—which in this area is not that uncommon, and will be much more prevalent in the future.

All of the projects at TechRaising had awesome support from the community, local eateries and the people who attended. The Sentinel wrote an article about the whole event and can be viewed here.