A Commitment to Success

NextSpace – anyone heard of it? If you are reading this, you are probably nodding your head “Yes!” NextSpace is a staple, or hub, in the Santa Cruz design and tech community. It has been a breeding ground for small businesses, creative freelancers and entrepreneurs.


As of recently, thanks to substantial Angel-backed investments, the “NextSpace effect” will be spreading across the state! The question is, why NextSpace? There are so many co-working office spaces out there, why is NextSpace unique?

In two simple words – The Brand.


This article is not about how amazing of a job Studio Holladay did at branding NextSpace, although we did a great one, it’s about Brand Essence and companies that truly live up to theirs. NextSpace is one of them and in our not so humble opinions, it is one of main reasons they have been so successful.

A Brand is not just a logo, color palette, or even a design style, in fact these are just small elements that make up a brand. A brand is the companies identity in it’s entirety. NextSpace fully owns and embodies there brand, internally and externally.

The company thrives on this sense of community and collaboration, but not just on it’s face, they truly actually live it and promote it in every aspect of their business. Happy hours and brown bag lunches, combined with all kinds of other social and professional mixers, force even the most shy members to connect with each other and more often than not, the result is positive.

The NextSpace brand is based off of the concept of a periodic table. The logo is an element, and all of their design collateral, web and print reflect that. Visually, the table could represent little office spaces, all connected, but on a more conceptual level, it represents a unique blend of individual and collective identities.

Like NextSpacers (as members refer to themselves as) each element on the periodic table has a purpose and an identity. Each element is unique and important, but the true value lies in the collective. This combined with a touch of dorkyness, kind of sums up the NextSpace brand.

While brands can be concrete or abstract and successful in both cases, the important fact, is that the company owns it and lives by it. That means that every thing a company does, accurately reflects it’s brand.

NextSpace is a prefect example of a company that truly owns it’s brand. They are consistent and they are proud. Let’s hear it for NextSpace and the positive impact they have made on Santa Cruz.

If there is one thing we can all learn from NextSpace it’s this: Own your brand. Live by it. Succeed. Repeat.