Santa Cruz Pecha Kucha #3

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Santa Cruz Pecha Kucha #3

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A few months ago, Crystal Birns and Margaret Rosas asked me to be a part of the next Pecha Kucha night here in Santa Cruz. The theme was to be “Geek Obsessions”, which implies a very wide range of possible presentation topics… but it is Santa Cruz, and these nights are more informal than formal, so I agreed with trepidation, as I’m not accustomed to public speaking.


I decided to focus my talk on typography and lettering, since it is a preoccupation (bordering on obsession) for me, and, like most other presenters I waited until the last minute to compile my slides. In the end though, I had a blast presenting and wasn’t quite as nervous as I thought I was going to be. Presenting to such a fixed format was challenging though, but probably for the best lest I ramble (which didn’t stop some).

Santa Cruz has organizes three of these Pecha Kucha nights so far and each one has been a fun and interesting event to go to. Unique presenters with a wide array of topics are common. I can’t wait for the next one—especially since I’m not presenting!


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