I am always inspired by creatives who literally throw there whole lives into their design, and work to continue defining who they are personally and professionally. Carole Guevin is one of those people. I’ve never met Carole, but we are friends on Facebook. She does have 4697 friends though!


Carole is the curator behind the site Netdiver.net, which was a site “showcasing the design culture.” The site has changed to caroleguevin.com, which I think is a smart move brand-wise for her. The tagline stays the same, so the site has the same type of focus, which is showing the viewer what is new in the world of design.

If you ever need to be inspired by what other designers are up to, want to review portfolios, submit your portfolio for review, or find an amazing photographer, these are just a few of the benefits from this amazing site. The site is easy to navigate, and definitely puts a focus on the content, rather than it’s own design. Of course, this is the direction most design firms are recognizing as the future of online design… don’t let the site get in my way of what I need.

Oh, and she runs a full-time design studio. She always seems to have some exciting project she is working on. Not sure how she manages to juggle everything she puts her mind to! It’s inspiring for sure.

Here’s to making it up to Montreal, Quebec to meet her in person some day! Till then, I will continue to make the most of her research and trend-watching from our studio in Santa Cruz, California.